644 W. Dickson Street • Fayetteville, AR • 479.301.2030


What are your room rental rates for use of the UARK Bowl?

Our rates for use depend on the day, amount of time, and the type of event you will be host­ing. Please  con­tact us  for more details.

When can I come by to see the venue?

We are open dur­ing reg­u­lar busi­ness hours Mon­day through Fri­day, and we can eas­ily set up an appoint­ment. We can­not sched­ule venue show­ings over the weekend.

Does it cost extra to use the ameni­ties like the dance floor, audio visual equip­ment, dish­ware, etc.?

All of our ameni­ties are included in your room rental.  Click here  to see what we pro­vide for your event.

Will we be able to use the bar for our event, and do we need to pro­vide bartenders?

You will have access to the bar for your event if you choose. We pro­vide the bar­tenders for your event, and you can choose to have a cash bar, host bar, or a com­bi­na­tion of the two.

What is the dif­fer­ence between a cash bar and a host bar?

A “cash bar” is where your guests will pay for their own alco­hol. A “host bar” is when the event’s host pays for their guests’ alco­hol, and that can be any num­ber of options. You can pay for a cer­tain amount of beer and wine — say 9 bot­tles of Mer­lot and one keg of Bud Light-, or you can have a run­ning tab with or with­out a cap on what is spent. We’ve assisted with many vari­eties of cash and host bars. Con­tact us, and we’ll work with you on your bar needs.

How do I need to go about catering?

When look­ing for your caterer, we ask that they have approval from the Arkansas Depart­ment of Health. If you need some help find­ing a caterer, we can give you sug­ges­tions of who we have worked with before and do well for our venue and hosted events.